Saturday, May 16, 2015

SBR features High Road

"the soundtrack to the perfect arthouse film, one that has it all: adventure, comedy, melancholy, ecstasy, struggle, pain, fun, loss and love"

some words about High Road from Sleazy Beats Blog

Thursday, April 16, 2015

I got my bag!

Over 8000 bags reported missing at Tegel after (MDE->BOG)(BOG->FRA).  
Once over Europe and after 9 hours in the air, the pilot announces: "Just an update about ze weather meine Damen und Herren.  Ze weather in Frankfurt is bad. But anyway, we're going to try and land ze plane."
Some significant bumps created some nervous energy amongst my fellow passengers from Colombia. "Please don't worry, it's only a little wind".

Hundreds of flights AND TRAINS were cancelled due to wind and lightning upon arrival in Frankfurt.  After waiting in various lines for a few hours I was eventually re-scheduled on a flight at 10pm to Tegel.

Arriving safely in Tegel but rather exhausted, you can imagine the delight of all the passengers when we were notified that none of our bags had arrived and we had to all go to the lost and found to fill out forms one at a time (only available in German of course).
Tegel is usually closed by this time and it was clear the Lufthansa staff at the office didn't want to be there, brushing everyone off as quickly as possible telling them there was nothing that could be done and that their bags would eventually be shipped to the address they provide.  

I made it home and for the next 2 weeks called Lufthansa, Tegel and visited the on-line baggage tracking website which continuously read 'tracing continues - please check back later' daily.

2 more trips to the airport - first to get a reference number which was supposed to be given upon our arrival. - second due to 'confirmation' by a Lufthansa agent by phone that my bag was in fact at Tegel and I should go pick it up because there's no telling how long it could take to deliver it due to the thousands that are sitting there.  Of course I was unable to get it...

So, anyway, on the last day of my pal Steve's visit from Toronto, my bag arrived like magic to my door, the same morning I shipped the 'High Road' 2xLP to distro by UPS.  It was a good morning!

Over the same two weeks I had an operation on my neck and a terrible cold.

Much better now.

Things are looking up!

Although it's going to be tough to minimize, I might be a carry-oner from now on.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Departures Remix

New Remix on this 12" by Dusseldorf's Niccolo Cupo alongside Jacques Renault!
Check it HERE

Monday, April 13, 2015


Red Motorbike Record

HIGH ROAD - 2xLP now in stock EXCLUSIVELY at Oye Records, Berlin

World wide May 1st!


Red Motorbike has been a handsome vehicle for Eddie's own, ever-essential output, alongside some specially selected collaborators across 9 glorious releases.
Here, the head honcho rides out again, accompanied by the nearest and dearest from the label family.

High Road is a one-off double vinyl celebration of all the label stands for
Brilliantly reworked mid-tempo cuts, sample House jams, psychedelic Soul rewires and Head-nod heavyweights, all sticky with the funk and sure to work well from beach bar to barn dance

The track curation is second to none, and you can be sure there's no filler here !

Get on !

Monday, March 23, 2015


Pretty much ready to go!  This cassette is a special 'bonus' or pre-release to the forthcoming 2xLP HIGH ROAD on Red Motorbike Records.  

LOW ROAD contains unreleased music by Eddie C not appearing on the vinyl version and also features tracks by Koosh, Dane & Khotin and Cem G.
Lightly 'mixed' by Eddie C.

Side A

Koosh - I'm Going Down
Eddie C - Fenyek
Eddie C - The Sign
Eddie C - Mulato
Eddie C - Amusli 
Eddie C - On The Road

Side B

Eddie C - One For Dane (forthcoming on Common Edit)
Khotin & Dane - Pa Pa Pa Paa (Red Motorbike)
Eddie C - Mistaya
Eddie C - Sun Drenched Hills (forthcoming on Crue-L Records)
Cem G - Don't Go (Red Motorbike)

I'm taking a bunch up to Oye Records in Berlin today.

Write to me if you would like one! 

10 euros includes shipping anywhere in the world.

Comment here or send a message on the facebook or something...

50 copies available.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Trondheim & Oslo

Old streets in Trondheim.  There was to be a highway built through this part of the city but protests preserved the old town.

stick a packet of this under your lip

DJ Dennis warms up the house

Trondheim! What started off as a room full of female handball players ended up being pretty great!


their 'Notre Dame'

Den Siste Viking

The remains of a giant anchor in the factory district and shipyards.  Most of the old buildings have been torn down in this area to make way for condos, 7-11 and Pepe's Pizza but a few beautiful brick structures remain.  Norwegians love mediocre pizza and tacos.

need to clean the lens on my 80 euro point'n'shoot

giant chandelier outside Ingensteds in Oslo

pretty exceptional band opened up the night.  the lead singer and crowd showed off some impressive early 90s dance moves.

living room ambiance at Ingensteds

a cross-section of Oslo

Ingensteds means 'Nowhere' in a manner of speaking

B.G. Baarregaard, Finn (Rulefinn) and me

a little bit of Oslo before taking off

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Detroit and Edmonton

historic Corktown, Detroit

new favourite Hello Records

Detroit Threads

Soren's place

Soren is my hook up for syrup

Duly's Place, SW Detroit

People Mover

My Baby, Whiskey Disco

Kypta is 100% Detroit

Dane is 100% Edmonton

The Common

They're gonna open the basement soon.  It used to be for Boxing.  Great space!

What the hell happened to oil prices!?

no snow in Alberta this year... apparently

waiting outside in -20C.  Canadians are hardy.