Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Red Motorbike 009 Worldwide Release today!

Piccadilly Review:
Heeeeere's Eddie! The Canadian edit maestro swings his leg over his steel horse for another foray into the swinging saloon on the wrong side of town. After the recent split release with Noodleman, Eddie cuts the wagon loose and rides out alone again with another extra fine duo of dubbed out edits. "Farmer God" sees a high plains drifter out of his gourd on powerful peyote, strumming away and riding into the sunset as the steady groove rolls on, topped by exotic guitar solos and smooth woodwind. Sultry and breezy, this little number's gonna tease and please Balearic folks from the dustbowl to the rice paddies.On the flip "The Touch" gives a taste of the classic Eddie C style as a beautiful mid-tempo jam is expertly extended, with only the juiciest parts added to the blender. The producer weaves lyrical guitar, funky piano and a strolling bassline around a trademark mid tempo rhythm, taking us straight to the floor.

Reggio Emilia (September)

the venue was a monastery in the centre of the city

Guido and his lovely lady

the sound was excellent!

Pasca took us way back stage

Danny Wang was playing the after party at a gay club above a tortellini restaurant

so Italian!

after a lengthy lunch

Paris (September)

the hard-working jet-lagged torontonians were pretty tired

place des vosges

our pad for the week

i played on a boat as it cruised around the city.. how am i allowed to do such things?

the fumes were pretty brutal actually as the dj booth was right at the back.  the sights and the party made up for it though of course! there were huge cheers under every bridge .. a perfect time to switch records.

G+C treated us to lunch at the Louvre

somehow we ended up hanging out at this Hell's Angels bar one night 

and then by chance found Zero Zero.. probably the best (and smallest) club in western europe

le picnic .. we'll do it better next time!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Paradisco at Renate

Paradisco this Friday/Saturday with my friends Gatto Fritto, Zambon, Fritz for Funk, Paramida, Katovl Menovsky and many others!  I'm opening the Red Room 2-5am.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

3 years in Berlin

These days I meet other like minded people regularly, especially in record shops here and abroad.  My job, if we can call it that, is very common in Berlin and with those who visit here.  Last night at Oye Kreuzkolln there was an in-store session with Andras Fox from Melbourne.  He's about 20 years old and was playing records that I bought before he was born among a plethora of other records I'd never heard.  Just about everyone I know in Berlin, save my Canadian friends strangely, were in attendance.  The feeling of community is strong, as is the enthusiasm.  Feeling very fortunate and appreciative.  The highs and lows have been very intense here.  But I'm glad we've stayed.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Remix for KZA

New from KZA on Endless Flight and the last in the Dig and Edit series is "Vous Dancez".
Featuring remixes by Cos/Mes and Eddie C

Whiskey Disco

Another superb sampler from Whiskey Disco!
Chopped this one way back in Banff about 5 years ago.  Glad to see it on a piece of wax!